Building a Water Wheel Pump

Published: 26th March 2010
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Water wheel was an invention of ancient times and it has been used through ages not only for pumping water but also for producing water to grind grain and cut wood. Water wheel pumps are usually used for providing water in areas where the availability of safe drinking water is difficult. This article explains a simple and useful guide to build one's own water wheel pump.

Materials Needed
- Wooden planks or cardboard
- Hot glue
- Skewer
- Buckets
- Pen and pencil
Tools Needed
- Hammer
- Sewing pins
- Nails
- Protractor
- Scissors
- Ruler
1. Designing - First of all, the structure has to be designed properly. Wooden planks or pieces of cardboard have to be used for this purpose. A straight line should be drawn at a distance of 2? from the border of one of the wooden planks and it has to be divided into 10 equal parts. These will serve as paddles. Then, two circles should be drawn with a protractor. The centers of these circles are the points where the axle connects to the two parts of the machinery which is being built. Now, the pieces have to be marked out according to the size of the proposed water wheel, there is no option to have a wheel that is not balanced well. It is essential to get correct measurements of these pieces.

2. Making the Stand - The stand have to be designed for the water wheel pump. This is the least technical section involved in the whole building process. It should be given as much height as one wants. The normal shape is to have two large triangles that are stabilized with a supporting beam. Even an optional base can be added for additional support. The water wheel will fit into the groves provided in the stand.

3. Cutting the Sides - The wooden planks that were previously marked have to be cut using a cutter or a saw.

4. Paddles - The paddles have to be positioned at an angle of about 40 degrees away from the two halves of the water wheel. Glue can be used for fixing the paddles in place. A skewer is needed to pass through the centers of the two sides of the water wheel.

5. Bringing together the Water Wheel and Stand - The water wheel has to be now placed on the stand. If the water wheel is needed to be used for water supply purposes as part of the garden, then it would be better to build a bigger one.

6. Connecting buckets - The buckets have to be attached to the axle of the water wheel and its performance has to be checked. Now the water wheel pump is ready to go into action to pump water.

Caution and tips
- The purpose of water wheel determines the size that is needed.
- It has to be made sure that the stand is able enough to support the weight of the water wheel pump.
- Tools have to be carefully used and it is important to keep hands safe with gloves.
This was the basic and simple procedure for building a water wheel pump.

Learning how to build a water wheel pump and how to build a toy box would be interesting as well as beneficial for you.

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