Changing a Tap Washer

Published: 16th August 2010
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Over time your bathroom or kitchen taps begins to leak. This is not a big issue. The most possible chance for this leak is that the washer has worn out. Water dripping from taps is certainly not acceptable; it also wastes a lot of water. It requires immediate replacement.

It is important to know the kinds of taps you have. Different kinds of types require different sort of treatment and replacement. For instance, supataps contain washer that is different from ordinary taps, rising and non-rising taps though have the same kind of washer, but differ in parts. The most complicated bidet and mixer taps sets have special sort of washers. Washers are of different types like Supatap washers; joint washers; gland 'O'-rings for non-rising spindle tap and rising spindle taps; 1/2 inch and 3/4inch in synthetic rubber washers; washers for mixer tap sets and spare jumpers for rising spindle laps.

Changing a Tap Washer

To begin with, cut the water supply for the tap. Open the tap so that the water in the pipes flows out.

If you have older cross head tap, turn it on fully and unfasten the cover. If there is a need of spanner, wrap the cover with cloth to prevent it from any damage. Old covers often require some lubrication for smooth opening. Use some penetrating oil for such covers. Make the rest part of the tap secure by holding it with another spanner; this will keep it from turning while you unscrew the cover.

You will find a nut under the cover. Use thin open ended spanner to remove this nut. In case you are unable to open the nut with spanner easily, remove the cross head of the tap to have a better access. It is mostly positioned with grub screw. You might have to use penetrating oil for removing that screw.

If you have shrouded head taps, just remove the head and you will see the nut. The head can be removed either by simply pulling it off or it may be fixed with a screw hidden under a small cap at the top.

Unscrew the nut and remove the top mechanism of the tap. You will find a washer at the base secured in position with or without a nut.

For rising spindle tap, you may need to replace the whole jumper, if you are unable to remove the nut. Same goes for non-rising spindle tap. You may have to replace the entire mechanism or a part of it.

You can use petroleum jelly or grease at joints; this will be helpful in future, if you have to disassemble the tap at any time.

Mixer tap Leak Treatment

It is comparatively easy to treat the mixer tap leak than other taps. Mixer taps usually get leak at the base of the swivel nozzle. What you need to do is to take the nozzle away by just simply pulling it off or removing the grub screw. Different brands have different washer position. Remove the washer and replace it with new one. Apply some lubrication at the joints and put back the nozzle.

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