Guide to Washing Gasoline Smell Off Your Hands

Published: 08th June 2010
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Anyone who has worked on automobiles or ever pumped gasoline will know that the smell of gas is not easy to remove from one's hands. The reason is the flammability of the gasoline fumes and precautions should be taken when removing the remains from hands. There are some effective ways of eliminating the odor. A combination of organic compounds found conveniently in home or from a local market can be used to get rid of the smell. Follow the simple directions.

Things Needed
- Anti-grease detergent
- Gritty soap
- Coffee grounds
- Hand cleansers
- Lemon
- Alcohol or other alcohol-based hand cleansers
- Eucalyptus oil

The very basic answer to wash the gasoline smell off the hands is to wash then with soap. For scrubbing off the oily residue, a gritty soap will be helpful. If it is not available, then coffee grounds can be used for hands that smell fresh and clean. For removing as much smell as possible, make sure to get soap in the knuckles and under the finger nails where the dirt can get trapped. An anti-grease detergent can be used in full strength to get the smell out. Rub it well on the skin with a dry towel and use a toothbrush or nail brush for the nails is required.

If the smell still does not finish, then use hand cleansers because they are specially made for removing oils, grease and grime. For getting the best results, use of this mechanic soap should be followed up with ordinary soap and water.

In the house, try to find some possible solutions for hands that smell like gasoline. One such mixture is a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Rub and rinse the hands in the mixture till they smell clean. This method is safe as compared to blending bleach with detergent and baking soda. It can work but it is possible that the fumes from the undiluted solution of hydrogen peroxide can give a headache.

One more method is to slice a lemon is half and scrub the skin over the hands. The juice is to be rubbed on every corner and wrinkle of the hands including the under parts of the nails for removing the smell. On the other hand, same can be done using eucalyptus oil.

The usually available de-greasing detergents found in the laundry can also be of great help. Make a paste by mixing them with a small amount of water or normal detergent. Always rinse the hands properly in cold water. Alcohol or other alcohol-based hand cleansers can also be used as an organic solvent that can help to get rid of the smell of oily gasoline residue from the hands.

Tips & Precautions
- Always wash your hands in a well ventilated area.
- Don't expose yourself to any flames while having gasoline on hands.

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