Making a Hovercraft

Published: 24th June 2010
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Hovercrafts are sometimes considered as a magical vehicle, which can travel over almost any kind of surface. They can move on water as well as on land. Hovercrafts transition from land to water effortlessly. If you ever feel to make a hovercraft for yourself, here we are going to discuss some simple steps which will help you to fulfill your desire of making a hovercraft yourself. The task is easy but you have to work in a more systematic way to make your work worth.

Items Required

You need following items before starting to work on it:

- Stapler

- Utility Knife

- Duct Tape

- Vacuum Cleaner

- Hole Saw

- Cardboard - Cardboard can either be square, rectangle or round. It should be 2-4 feetx4-6 feetx3/4 inches in dimensions.


1. Take a cardboard and with the help of saw make a hole of around five inches radius at the one end of the cardboard. Keep this thing in mind that the size of the blowing end should be bigger than that of the holes.

2. Take a mill plastic and cover one end of the board with the help of this mill plastic. Once you have done with covering the board with plastic, staple the plastic on the board with the help of stapler.

3. Seal the edges of the board with the help of duct tape; make it certain that no air will pass through it. It should be air tight.

4. Take mill plastic and use knife to cut 6 circles from it; each circle should be of 4 inch in size.

5. You can now sit in the center of the board. Make use of air blower on the holes which you have left open. The air blower will keep the plastic inflated and also serve as the air blockage from the holes. Air blower would continuously blow air into the holes, which block the passage for air to come out.

6. You are almost done with your task. Now ask your partner or any of your friends to move the board with a maximum force. Here it goes, you will feel it moving. It would be a great fun not only for you but for your friends as well.


- Be sure that the plastic you have used under the board would remain inflated all the time, otherwise it will damage or wear out.

These are the few steps with the help of which you can make a hovercraft at home without taking help of anyone else's. These are the simplest steps and the items used are most common household things. You need to go out and purchase that stuff to make a hovercraft.

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