Protecting Your Balcony Garden

Published: 22nd September 2010
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Balcony gardens are more prone to severe conditions as compared to normal gardens as they extend beyond the protect of their building. These balconies are more exposed to severe weather conditions. On heights, biting wind can cause severe damage. Besides, sunlight and winter weather are other factors that cause damage to balcony gardens.

Screening out the Weather

Where summer is hot, scorching heat can cause damage to plants. The plants shrivel up and eventually die. In hot weather it becomes extremely awful to sit in the balcony under the bleaching and weathering results of the sun. Some sort of protection is always necessary to make your balcony comfortable and ideal for plants to grow properly.

Screening is usually set up in the balconies to keep it safe from scorching sun rays and also from the blistering winds. Screening is available in different types and the best type is broken screening, which is more flexible than solid variety and stands firm against storm force gales. In severe hot conditions, dappled shade seems far more attractive and effective than dense gloom.

Overhead Shelter

Overhead shelters can also be used to protect your balcony from cold and wet climates. Permanent roof can be another option for areas with extreme wet and cold conditions. Some of the stylish and attractive sun screens are a large continental-style umbrella, a fabric awning, temporary sheeting or bamboo matting, and overhead trellis or pergola threaded with plants.

Decorative Ideas

You can bring some aesthetic and decorative theme in your available screening forms. These forms can further enhance their looks through the use of different climbing plants. The more common and popular forms of screening are often made of rusted poles or plastic-coated wire, timber, metal mesh or Perspex and bamboo. Seasonal screens such as stretched canvas or sun-proof fabrics can also be used. Even you can decorate your existing balcony with the introduction of timber, climbing plants, and paint. Perspex is a good way to protect your balcony without losing view, because of its transparent nature. You can even use a secondary, more decorative screen in front of a less attractive version, if you are not allowed to make any permanent structural alterations.

Providing Privacy

Screening is not only limited to provide protection to your balcony, rather it has one more vital and practical purpose of providing privacy to you. Balcony is normally a place to relax or escape from congested environment of the room. It is purely a private part of your home and you can introduce railings or a low parapet at the front, if the balcony is high up.

Sometimes you have shared balconies as in case of living in apartments. In that case you need to have some side screens or some above screen to keep your privacy intact. By using special evergreen climbing plants types on these screens you can maintain privacy right through the seasons. Climbing plants are more effective screening devices and serve dual purposes, i.e. providing protection and decorative properties to your balcony at the same time.

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