Repairing a Broken Taillight Lens

Published: 08th June 2010
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These days, new taillight assemblies are a little expensive just like the body shop does to remove and install the new ones. Classic car light lenses are often damaged with a passage of time by rocks or other road debris. Chips or small holes can be easily repaired instead of replacing the whole lens. In some cases, replacement lenses are non-existent or very expensive. Most of the auto parts suppliers carry a variety of repairing kits for plastic lenses at home.

This simple task can be done by anyone to save some money. The little annoyance of a broken taillight can be efficiently and quickly repaired by using automotive repair tape. Just follow the simple directions.

Things Needed
-Red automotive repair tape
- Pliers

Step 1:
Buy a red automotive tape. It will vary in size and color but most of the stores sell tapes that are specifically for taillight repair.

Step 2:
Any broken plastics or glass sticking out from the taillight should be cleared away. Pliers should be used for clearing the chucks. Before applying tape, the jagged pieces of plastic or glass must be removed.

Step 3:
If the bulb in the taillight is not working, then replace it. The bulbs must be operational before the repair tape is applied. The car owner's manual can be consulted for knowing the vehicle's proper bulb replacement.

Step 4:
The tape has to be attached in strips to the taillight. The width of the light has to be measured and cut proper strips to suit. The tape has to be horizontally applied from right to left. The strips can overlap by almost half an inch. Keep applying until the broken light is properly and completely sealed.

Tips & Precautions
- The car owner's manual can be consulted for knowing the proper repair procedures.
- Wear safety gear like hand gloves when tackling with broken glass pieces.

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