Significance of Car Headlights

Published: 11th June 2010
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Lighting is very important to car users especially if you are a night driver and battles with the darkness during this part of the day. Lights in the car are treated as it eyes. Lights are one of the most essential parts in the vehicle. Without lights you cannot drive it in the night time or in severe weather conditions. However, we can say that any automobile cannot survive without lights. The automobile lights are made up of supplementary lights. Plane lenses and circular lighting body are the sources of supplementary lights. On the rear cover of the car light are attached the light source and plane lenses are arranged on these light sources. The circular lighting body screwed on a circular trench.

With the advancement in technology and the growing needs of modernization, the designer and the manufacturer are putting more effort to enhance the quality of the bulbs. Nowadays there are so many types and designs of lights available in the market. Lights are now available in different colors (black, chrome, metallic etc). People choose the best which suits their cars according to the shape and curves of the vehicle.

Importance of Lights

Lights in all the way should be in proper condition for safety measures. It is necessary to check the lights before driving at night times. A little careless attitude will lead you to a disaster. The importance of light at the night times becomes more obvious, as at night times you should need a proper vision to control the car or even in high speeds you need a beam of light to such an extent which will give you the clear view of the road and surroundings. Headlights are not only useful at nights but also in severe weather conditions when the visibility reduces a great length. The poor condition of the lights may lead to an accident. It is necessary to check the headlights before leaving for a night drive or in bad weather. Lights come in different colors, materials, and metallic structures. Halogen bulb is a type of light which is filled with pressurized gas.

As we are living in modernize era, everything is getting advanced here day by day. We have been experiencing technological improvement in the automobile with every passing day. We have latest models of the cars with latest and new looks. More current the model more advanced the transmission. We can change the beam direction at the flick of the switch. HID (high intensity discharge) headlight is used in the cars, which increases the bulb life and protects the car circuit. Besides HID some other lights are also there like filament light, vapour light, xenon and LED (light emitting diodes) lights

Light is an essential part of the automobile and plays an important role as well. So, it should be taken care and regular maintenance and check up is inevitable.

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