Tips to Repair Scratches on Glass

Published: 23rd November 2010
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It is almost impossible to keep the glass surface free from scratches for a long period of time. Glass surface sustains scratches in one way or another over a period of time and you just cannot avoid them. There is no need to go for a new piece of glass because you can remove the scratches form the glass surface quite easily.

If you have minor scratches on the glass surface, you can use white toothpaste to remove the scratch. Cover the entire scratch with the white toothpaste and allow it to harden for some time. After that take a soft cloth and wipe it off from the surface. Make certain that you wipe it in one direction to avoid incurring scratches. Toothpaste is most preferred choice over the abrasive cleaner. Abrasive cleaner is not useful for glass as it is designed for rougher surfaces like stove, sinks and showers.

If a glass surface has a deep scratch, it is suggested to use a solution of white vinegar and ground mustard seed. Ground mustard seed is easily available at the grocery store. You have to make the paste very carefully. Take 1 tablespoon of ground mustard seed and mix it in a few drops of vinegar. Remember, you need the solution in a paste form, so don’t add too much of vinegar to make it thin. Apply the paste on the scratch and spread it on the entire scratch.

It is also possible to remove the scratches from your car’s windshield. For that, you have to buy a glass repair kit, which is specially designed to remove the scratches from the windshield. This glass repair kit is easily available at the auto shops. You can also purchase it online from or any other website. Another option you have to remove the scratch from the windshield is ‘Jewelers Rouge’ which is made from aluminum oxide and wax. Jewelers Rouge is available in variety of forms.

You can even remove the scratches from the eyeglasses as well. Scratches on eyeglasses affect the person to see through clearly and often scratches make the things appear blurred. There are special polishing kits available in the market at $20 to remove scratches from the eyeglasses. You can purchase it from departmental store, optometrist’s office and even online. What you need to do is to remove all the dirt and debris from the lenses before applying polish on them. Read the instructions given on the polish manual thoroughly. Once the lenses are clear from the dirt, apply polish on both the lenses. Allow the polish to do its job on the lenses for some time. After some time, take a soft cloth, and wipe off the polish from the lenses. You will notice that the scratches are removed from the lenses. If you want to remove scratches from the sunglasses, you can use the Armor Etch. Apply Armor Etch on the lenses with the help of a cotton cloth and after few minutes clean it with water.

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