Why Do Cats Knead and Sneeze?

Published: 18th February 2010
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Cats are like family, they have been seen massaging people, crying like babies, sneezing like mom and kneading. Cats have done a lot of things that no ordinary pets can do. Cats have been seen sneezing but when it comes to kneading, one wonders what it actually means.

A common cat can sneeze because of dust and it brings no diseases. A cat may also sneeze with or without anything that may be common out of its nose however cats can spread virus by sneezing. If a cat sneezes frequently, it could mean that it may have an allergy or a viral infection.

Cat's kneading is a sign of relaxation and expressing joy. Male cats knead to stimulate themselves and it is also called "making biscuits." Studies explain that cats do it and to their own masters also when they feel that their masters are stresses.

Kneading is an act which carries from a cat's childhood. "Milk tread" is another word for it as it happens when a kitten tries to jerk milk from its mother. When a cat kneads its master, it probably sees its master in the form of a mother. Kneading is its way of showing affection for its master.

A cat's sneeze may be caused because of allergens, virus, conjunctivitis, bacteria and grass. Cats also catch allergy like humans, they also sneeze as a reaction to a strong chemical scent. A viral infection may be a possible cause which can most likely come from its socializing with other cats in the neighborhood. Calicivirus is the most common viral infection among cats; it can spread from one cat to another cat very fast resulting in sneezing. Conjunctivitis is a type of a virus and is followed by a fever. If the cat is infected with this virus for a long time then it becomes dangerous. Bacterial infection is one of the reason of sneezing which happens when a cat breathily heavily and sneezes with smelly nasal discharge. It can lead to serious rhinitis and it can get worse it the cat is not attended quickly. Sneezing can be caused when a cat nib on grass as it may have may have sniffed a blade of grass. It sneezes to remove that grass from its nose thinking that it can remove it easily.

As kneading is a sign of affection, the cat may lick; rub its face, tail or whole body around its master. A cat is also very possessive and when it does that, it means that the cat simply owns its master.

A cat has to be treated with affection just like it is treating its master. One needs to keep track of cat's over-all health. When a cat kneads, it can be comforted so both will feel good.

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