Why Do Dogs Shake and Shiver?

Published: 18th February 2010
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Dogs shake and shiver but there is not a big difference between them. A shaking dog can mean more than pain or minor irritation and a shivering dog evidently feels cold. While a shaking dog may tremble from too much weight and fun but in most situations, the cause of shivering and shaking in dogs are because of the same reasons.

It is not of a big concern to see a pet dog shaking after a bath because it's the usual way of cooling. When dog shaking is accompanied by whining and restlessness then it definitely means that the dog is in trouble. When a dog shivers, it is a sign of illness.

Dogs shiver because of fever, fear, anxiety, seizures, shock and hypoglycemia. A pet dog will naturally shiver when it is suffering from high fever and it may break out in chills. As dog is a sensitive animal, it may shivers from fear and too much emotional stress. Anything that can injure the nervous system of a dog makes it shiver. If a dog eats toxic substances, it can bring him into seizure. Dogs are also shocked by life-altering incidents because they are sensitive. Sometimes they are traumatized by fights with other dogs or a car accident that could have nearly killed them. This can cause shivering and in some serious cases also resulting in death.

The causes of shaking in dogs are physical pain, cold, epilepsy, old age and viral infection. Physical pain can mean a cut, wound or a blister on dog's skin which can be because of any accident. A dog can shake and whine especially if it's not used to bathing. When a dog shakes for no clear reason then it needs a vet. There are no fixed rules on general shaking as some breed of dogs are prone to shaking while some are not. Even fierce and cruel dogs meet their match and they start shaking. Dogs also shake when they are faced by something greater than their fear and stress. Epilepsy is also brought on by an abnormality in the dog's nervous system. Epileptic fits are fatal and the vet is the best person to treat this. Old age dogs are subject to disorderly body movements particularly around the neck and head area. When the dog is past its average lifespan, it usually shows many of the symptoms of human old age. Viral infection like dog flu brings a dog to short episodes of coughing and shaking.

Minor causes of shaking are of not a big worry as they are curable; it's the serious ones that need professional attention. One should be careful about minor shaking as it is caused by kennel cough and a human can catch it too.

If one cares about the pet dog, anything than stresses it should be avoided. If the problem is serious that it should be taken to a vet.

Learn in details why does my dog shake and why does my dog shiver.

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